Are custom additions to a home due to disabilities (ramps, lower counters, etc.) covered by homeowners insurance?

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Asked March 10, 2014

1 Answer

Home insurance is designed for the dwelling and any other structures on the property, including customized items that have been installed to help you compensate for disabilities. The key to whether your customizations are covered is whether the insurance company is aware of them. This is why a home inventory is such an important facet of protecting your family with home insurance.

A home inventory is typically a video recording of everything you own. This includes your personal property and any custom structures such as counters or ramps built outside the house. In addition to the video representation of the items, you should include a copy of any receipts you have, such as contractor billing or material receipts. The better you are able to document the costs involved, the better you will be protected if disaster strikes.

Where you need to be careful about your other structures on the property is where your coverage limits are concerned. Even though the ramps and counters and other items may be covered, they also increase the total cost of your policy. If you do not increase the limits, you may be faced with large out of pocket expenses after the limits have been reached.

To offset the additional cost of insuring your customized home, look for discounts that can reduce your premiums. These might include discounts for your marital status or Zip code of residence. Other discounts might be related to the safety of the home, such as installing a fence or monitored security system. The more you can reduce the risks for the insurance company, the more you can save.

Answered March 10, 2014 by Anonymous

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