Is the amount you pay and the criteria to determine pricing for car insurance fair?

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Asked March 3, 2015

1 Answer

The criteria for getting auto insurance is quite broad, and includes your driving history, your credit score, and the specific information regarding your car and the people who will be driving it. Insurance companies use the information to help set your premiums, basing each person's rates on statistical tables related to the factors involved.

Since the price you pay varies according to the insurance criteria, using that information can be a big benefit to you or it can work against you. In the latter case, the higher rates are indication that you can make improvements in other areas to get them back under control, such as taking a defensive driving course, or bringing up your credit score.

Some of the criteria gathered during an insurance application can benefit you. For example, getting married will lower your rates and having a Bachelor's degree or higher will net you a rate reduction as well. In these situations, the criteria are working for you to net you the lowest cost possible.

Some of the data can count against you, indicating areas where you can make improvements. For example, a credit score lower than 650 will cause you to pay higher rates, but improving your credit score will earn a discount. Similarly, getting too many tickets or having an accident could increase your rates, but keeping your driving record clean for a few years will let them go back down.

Your CLUE report will also affect your rates, and works across all of your liability policies, not just your car insurance. For instance, filing a large liability claim against your renters insurance can cause your auto insurance rates to increase. CLUE records cover the most recent 7 year period and then cycle off the report, so the fewer number of claims you file, the lower your premiums can be.

Answered March 19, 2015 by Anonymous

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