Are bed bugs covered under a home inurance policy?

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Asked July 29, 2013

1 Answer

If you can find a homeowners insurance policy that covers bedbug infestations, it will the exception to the rule. The Insurance Information Institute, an association dedicated to property and casualty insurance, noted that keeping the home free of vermin includes bedbugs as well as mice, roaches or other unwanted organisms. Since maintaining a vermin-free home is considered regular maintenance, it falls to the homeowner rather than the insurance company.

The cost of exterminating bedbugs can be very expensive, involving treatment of the entire home. Because of this high cost, insurance companies cannot include coverage on a standard policy without charging much higher rates. Insurance premiums are based on the risks and costs associated with claims, and the potential for bedbugs to be introduced to the home multiple times would mean an extremely high level of insurable risk if such coverage were available.

In the insurance field, "vermin" is a broad term. It includes insects or animals that nest on or in the house, such as rodents or wasps and roaches, that prey on the home such as termites or moths, or infestations that prey on pet or people, including bedbugs, lice, ticks or fleas. In some policies, mold and mildew are included in the same way, and for the same reasons.

Additionally, since the removal of bedbugs is not covered, neither is a loss of use claim if you have to stay elsewhere while your home is being fumigated. Under a covered claim, you would be able to file this type of claim to cover any expenses you had while you were not able to use some or the entire home. In situations where you are not able, for example, to sleep in the bedroom, you would be reimbursed for the cost of lodging when you filed the claim and turned in the receipts. Speak with a qualified insurance agent to get more details regarding policy coverage.

Answered July 29, 2013 by Anonymous

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