We Are Divorcing But I Am Still On Title To The House. How Do I Insure My Interests?

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Asked November 7, 2011

1 Answer

If your name is still on the policy, you are already insured. If your name is not on the policy but you can show that you have an insurable interest, you can be added to the policy or take out a separate one. This will insure you against liability claims and damages to the home, but it will not provide you with any insurance for the contents of the home.

The key is that you have to be able to show that you have an insurable interest. That means that you must be at least partially responsible for the mortgage and upkeep of the property, but you are not required to live on the property. If you do not live on the property, your coverage is for dwelling and liability only, because the contents of the home are not associated with your interest in the

You can insure the contents of the home separately, either all or part. For example, you could insure the equipment in the weight room, or all of the automotive tools in the garage, but not the clothing, furnishings and other personal property in the home. If the personal property in the home is worth more than about 5% of the home value, home. It may be necessary to insure it separately anyway, or you risk not being covered properly.

Talk to your attorney about your rights in the property, and make sure that you are insured well enough to avoid suffering a loss if the home is destroyed. Being listed on the primary insurance will also mean that you are included on any claim settlements and that gives you a say in how the home is repaired after it is damaged. The question is not so much whether you can insure the home but for how much your share of the coverage should be. That information will be contained in your divorce paperwork, or from your lawyer.

Answered November 7, 2011 by Anonymous

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