Are you liable if its on your policy but titled to an unisured driver

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My fiancé has his 19 year old sons truck on his insurance. It is titled to his son and he is not listed as an insured driver on his policy. He has another truck which I think is insured on his mothers policy and I don’t think he’s listed as an insured driver on hers either. He stays with us during the week because we are closer to work but his address is still his mothers at another address. Is my fiancé liable if he gets into an accident with the truck on his policy?”

Asked April 27, 2017

1 Answer

Yes your fiance's insurance will be held liable. I know you are probably wondering what this means so I will go into detail.

If your fiance's son is the "at fault party" in an accident. Then your fiance's insurance is liable to pay for the other's party's claim, because the truck is indeed covered under the policy. If for any reason the other party's damages exceeds the limits of the policy (check with your insurance provide to find out limits), then because the son is the registered owner of the vehicle then the other party will come after him for any remaining financial obligations pertaining to their claims.

If your fiance's son is in an accident and the other party is at fault, then of course the other party's insurance is responsible to pay for any property damage and/or medical bills.

Here is what to look out for! If your fiance's son is involved in an accident then the insurance company will do one of two things:

  1. Add the son to the policy
    All insurance providers want to make sure they are rating the policy correctly for the insured risk.
  2. Cancel the policy due to misinformation
    Usually this is the last resort (if customer wants to keep vehicle on the policy and refuses to add driver/registered owner)

Answered May 1, 2017 by JohnBoy

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