As a single parent, how can I lower my home insurance costs?

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Asked October 14, 2013

1 Answer

There are a few tips available that can help you, as a single parent, keep your home insurance costs down. Start by shopping for the best quote you can get, but look at ways to save on insurance costs around your home, such as having security devices installed. The trick is to lower your costs without compromising your home and family.

Use a website such as this one to get a free online homeowners insurance quote. The quote you receive will even be compared to other leading insurers to help you pick the best company for the lowest price. Be sure to check with a company like the A.M. Best company to find out how well the insurer you like best is doing financially. A.M. Best provides an easy to understand letter grade that demonstrates how well the company is doing financially today as well as the expected long term outlook.

If your property does not have a fence, install one. This deters unwanted visitors and animals, and reduces the risk of theft and vandalism for your home. Other security devices will also lower your home insurance costs, such as deadbolts on the ground floor doors or burglar bars on the doors and windows. For the best home security discount, install a security system that is monitored off site. This system could also provide you with a way to drop in on your nanny unannounced while you are away from home, making sure that everything is going smoothly at home.

Another discount that may come in useful is the one insurance companies offer to people who take out multiple policies with the same company. By using one insurer for your home and auto insurance, for example, you can save money on both policies. There are other discounts available that could be useful for a single parent, such as discounts for remaining claim-free for a period of time, having a high credit score, and keeping your CLUE report clear of past claims.

Answered October 14, 2013 by Anonymous

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