If you become disabled after getting life insurance, can a death claim be denied?

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Asked October 18, 2016

1 Answer

No. As long as you continue to pay your monthly premiums, your life insurance coverage should continue as usual, and a death claim should not be denied because you suffered a disability. But on the other hand, if your disability hinders you from paying your monthly premiums, then you could lose your coverage and be denied a death claim depending on what type of policy you have.

For your coverage to continue as usual if you suffer a disability you would need a Disability Waiver of Premium Rider attached to your policy.

Basically, this is a provision that says if you become ill or disabled you would still be allowed to benefit from your insurance policy. In this case, your insurance policy's coverage would continue if you become disabled. This is made possible by the insurance company waiving your monthly premiums during your period of disability.

In most cases, a one-time fee is required to have a Disability of Premium Rider put in place, though some insurance companies do require a monthly premium for such coverage.

Answered October 24, 2016 by ronanona

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