Can I get cheaper car insurnace by signing up with a different address?

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Asked July 3, 2015

1 Answer

There are many different factors which determine your car insurance premiums, including such things as your personal demographics and data concerning the car itself. The location where the car is going to be kept is one of those pieces of information, so using a different address is effectively the same as trying to cheat the insurance company.

Because the address on the vehicle registration plays an important part in setting your auto insurance rates, using a different address on the application skews the calculations on your policy. Furthermore, the address on your car insurance application should match the address on your vehicle registration, and that, by law, is supposed to match your actual place of residence.

If you use a different address in an attempt to get lower car insurance rates, you are breaking the law. When you use a different address than your own, you are committing fraud, and the implications can be devastating. The insurance company, if they discover the error, can deny any claims you file, terminate your policy, or press charges against you, potentially leading to incarceration.

Instead of using a different address to get lower auto insurance rates, try qualifying for more discounts. Auto insurance discounts are available for many different reasons, including living in a Zip Code with a lower than average crime rate, having security devices installed in your car, and various safety features built into the car when you bought it. If you cannot cut your costs enough using these discounts, you can also get discounts based on your occupation, how far the car is driven each year, and discounts based on improving your driving skill.

Answered July 3, 2015 by Anonymous

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