Can I cancel a NC policy that I’m listed as a driver on?

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The car is located in, titled and registered to, my 27 year old son in WA state with WA tags.

Asked January 19, 2016

1 Answer

If the car is in another state and you are not driving it, the short answer is that it is likely okay for you to cancel the policy that lists you as a driver. However, there are other factors to consider before you cancel the policy.

If you have an active loan on the vehicle, it is best to check with the loan company and ask if they require for you to be an insured driver on the car before terminating the policy. Many companies have regulations in place that state while you have an active loan on a vehicle that it must be properly insured and list you on the policy.

Since the car is not located in North Carolina, and not driven there, having an insurance policy in North Carolina is unnecessary. Keep in mind that the vehicle does need to have an active insurance policy on it for it to be legal to drive but since the vehicle is located in Washington state and has local tags, your son needs to be on a policy as a driver with Washington state insurance.

It would be safe to cancel it as long as it is insured in Washington state with your son listed as a driver, you are not holding a financial loan on the vehicle, and you are not driving the vehicle in North Carolina.

Answered January 25, 2016 by carinsurance

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