Can i get a car insurance if i have no job yet?

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just arrived here in florida as an immigrant and presently looking for a job. i want to buy a brand new car which i can use. can i get an insurance for this given my present situation? if yes can you quote me the price for a 2015 honda civic?”

Asked July 1, 2015

1 Answer

Car insurance is heavily regulated in the State of Florida, and insurance is required for every registered vehicle. Each person who drives a registered vehicle must be listed on the insurance policy, but they are not required to have a separate policy under their own name if they do not own a vehicle. The state does not require a person who registers a vehicle to have current employment.

Proof of Employment for Buying Insurance

Insurance companies are regulated by the State of Florida and sell insurance according to the state's rules. These companies do not require a person to prove employment solely for the purpose of obtaining insurance for a registered vehicle.

Paying For Insurance

Any insurance company may ask for proof of employment if the policy premium cannot be paid in full. Proof of employment would only be to assure the insurance company future payments will be made. Not all insurance companies require proof of employment for this reason and it is best to check with an insurance agent for this information.

Buying and Registering a Vehicle

When a vehicle is purchased, insurance is required in order to register the vehicle. This is a mandatory state law and proof of insurance is required for registration and getting a license plate.

Cost of a Policy

There are many ways in which insurance companies determine the rate of insurance for a specific vehicle. The policy cost is dependent on factors such as driving record, condition of the vehicle and credit history. Each insurance company has slightly different rates. It is best to comparison shop insurance companies that offer Florida car insurance for an accurate quote.

Answered July 3, 2015 by Anonymous

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