Can I get a new health insurance plan with diabetes?

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Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. My health insurance company termintated my policy because it didn’t meet ACA standards. Can I get health insurance coverage somewhere else?

Asked December 31, 2015

1 Answer

In the past, being affected by a medical condition like diabetes could mean that you are not able to get traditional health insurance. As of January, 2012, a set of new federal laws, the Affordable Care Act, has changed the way health insurance works, and even a preexisting condition does not exclude you from eligibility for health insurance. The problem that you have, like many others, is that the new law makes most of the existing health insurance plans obsolete.

Preexisting conditions were once a way for health insurance companies to deny coverage to people who could prove to be costly customers. By denying coverage to people who had asthma or diabetes or some other condition, insurance companies were able to keep their costs lower without sacrificing coverage or charging overwhelmingly high rates. Under the ACA, group health plans, such as those available through the workplace or at the new health insurance exchanges, must accept people with preexisting conditions.

In 2014, the open enrollment period ends March 31, and the next one does not begin until November of 2014. If you have not signed up for health insurance by that time, you may have to wait until the next enrollment period begins. Worse, the ACA allows you to be fined for not having health insurance, and the amount of the fine varies according to several factors, including your age and current health status. To avoid financial complications related to your lack of coverage, be sure to get signed up as soon as possible.

The good news is that your diabetes will not prevent you from getting a new health insurance plan. The bad news is that the same law which allows you to do so also means that you may not be able to keep your same doctors. However, if you contact your healthcare provider and find out which health insurance networks they belong to, you can then apply for insurance through that plan.

Answered January 26, 2016 by Anonymous

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