can i insure a bracelet for me only?

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I don’t want a full renters insurance policy but would like to insure a bracelet of mine. Can I just get insurance for the bracelet?

Asked September 21, 2015

1 Answer

You can insure a bracelet rather than buying a full renter's insurance policy. There are various types of insurance that are very affordable whether you will keep the bracelet at home or not. Make sure that this type of policy suits your goals.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you make the best policy choice:

  • Are all of your other items covered by other insurance?
  • Are you seeking full replacement value at the time of loss for this single bracelet instead of all the other items you own?
  • Is this bracelet the most expensive item you own or will it need to be insured because you will be traveling the globe with it?

Renter's insurance is very reasonable for all dollar amounts and will cover items that can be costly to replace without insurance. If you're certain you only want to insure the bracelet, buy single item insurance. You will need to choose a reputable and financially solid insurance company that specializes in jewelry, whether single items, sets, or collections. Check to make sure they are licensed and insured.

Inquire about references as well and read insurance reviews. You will be glad that you did if you ever need to file a claim. Think carefully about what you are trying to accomplish and insure the bracelet only but make sure you have all your other items covered as well. If all your other belongings are not covered, this would be an excellent time to also cover them under the same or separate policies.

Answered September 23, 2015 by sellingma

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