Can my grandson add my car (insured separately) to his own policy?

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Asked April 20, 2015

1 Answer

There are many reasons why two or more people may wish to be on the same car insurance policy. In some cases, it is simply more convenient for individuals to be listed together on a single policy. After all, both individuals would only need to be responsible for one premium payment. In other cases, there may be a financial benefit associated with getting an auto insurance policy together. Some insurance companies may provide a multiple driver discount, or the drivers may share vehicles. However, it is important to note that there are some rules that most insurance companies follow. If you want to be added to a grandchild's car insurance policy, for example, there may need to be valid reasons for doing this. The reasons that insurance providers will accept may vary from provider to provider, so you could consider shopping around to see which provider may be agreeable to this situation based on your circumstances.

Some younger family members may want to assist older family members with their expenses to ease the burden of paying bills. Adding an older relative to a younger relative's car insurance policy seems like this would be beneficial for some. The good news is that this situation may be permitted in some cases. Generally, both individuals will need to live together at the same residence in order for this to situation to be acceptable to an insurance company, but each insurance company is different. In the event your insurance company does not permit this type of arrangement, you may consider shopping around to find a company that does permit it. If a younger relative drives the older relative's vehicle from time to time, this type of arrangement may be acceptable as well.

It should be noted that different drivers can be insured on different vehicles under the same policy. However, the individual drivers will be insured together under the policy. This means that there will be one policy, but the drivers may be insured on different vehicles or on both vehicles as desired. You may consider speaking with an insurance representative in greater detail about the different options available for your unique situation.

There are no hard rules regarding who can or cannot be added to an insurance policy, but there generally should be a reason why two or more individuals should be included on a policy together. Sharing a residence or sharing cars are two of the more common reasons why individuals may be added to the same policy, but these are not the only reasons that may be acceptable to an insurance company. If you are interested in adding someone to your insurance policy, you can speak with your insurance company directly about the options that are available to you.

Answered April 20, 2015 by Anonymous

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