can you provide replacement insurance for cancelled auto policy?

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Accidents in 9/6/14 ($2,275 sideswipe) and 2-27-15 (2,383 rear end) resulted in refusal to renew by Nationwide. Would you consider such a client?

Asked October 28, 2015

1 Answer

Having accidents on your driving record record and a refusal from Nationwide to renew your policy will make it more difficult to find insurance, especially from carriers with household names.  However, that doesn't mean you do not have any options.

First you should be aware that there is a difference between having your policy cancelled and not having your policy renewed.  Basically, having your policy cancelled is worse than having it not renewed and can lead to other insurers taking a much closer look at your credit, driving history and other factors.

Each insurance carrier has different standards that they use for writing policies.  You should first attempt to compare car insurance quotes from multiple agencies and you should also reach out to local insurance brokers who can help you shop around for a policy.  Local brokers have relationships with large, name brand carriers as well as smaller carriers that can offer you a policy that fits your needs.

Answered October 28, 2015 by Anonymous

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