Can someone please explain “Medical Payments” to me?

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Asked January 5, 2017

1 Answer

Medical payments are what pay for medical treatment when you are injured in an auto accident, and it doesn't even matter if it is your fault. If you hit someone, and you are injured, then your insurance will pay out medical payments to you so that you can get the treatment you need.

Medical payments may also help to pay for funeral expenses, injuries that any of your passengers have in an accident, injuries that you get while you are riding a bike or walking (provided the other party is a car), and even dental care that is needed because of an ugly car accident.

There are many different benefits and restrictions that go along with medical payments, and your car insurance company can talk to you about this. Make sure, always, that if you are buying medical payments coverage, you talk to a representative at length about what the payments will be and under what conditions people are covered.

Some states actually legally require medical payments coverage as part of their laws for drivers. Before you buy any medical payments coverage, always look at the following: your health insurance, any kind of personal injury protection you have (with your car insurance), and how much it costs.

If your health insurance is really good, and if it provides coverage for your injuries if you are hurt in a car accident, then you may not want to purchase medical payments insurance. If you do end up getting it, it may simply serve as secondary insurance. If you meet your health insurance limits, then your medical payments can pick up from there.

If you have personal injury protection, then that may cover you. Some states have laws about this, too, so check with your state and make sure you are following all the rules as you seek out medical payments coverage, which I ultimately think is a pretty good thing to have.

Answered January 6, 2017 by TreyFevaa

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