Can I switch car insurance while medical bills are being paid?

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I was in an accident that was not my fault. My doctor bills are being paid for by my car insurance company. Can I switch to a new insurer? Will this impact my medical bills?”

Asked January 24, 2017

1 Answer

In Pennsylvania, an insurance company paying medical bills related to an accident claim continues to pay until they reach the Medical Benefits" limit you agreed to when you set up your auto insurance policy. At this time, the standard "Medical Benefits Limit" starts at $5,000. If you paid for "Extraordinary Medical Benefits," the limit might go as high, for example, as one million dollars. Your policy contains this information.

Your current auto insurance carrier has already agreed to pay your medical bills. Since you paid for that coverage, that same company cannot simply stop paying because you now want to switch to another insurer. It is important to keep in mind though that once you reach the Medical Benefits Limit outlined in your policy, the auto insurance company stops paying the medical bills and your health insurance company at the time this happens takes over. It is equally important to remember that all insurance companies take into account past accidents when determining premiums.

You can also no longer expect to receive any "claim-free" or "accident-free" discounts that you enjoyed in the past. Additionally, you lose any type of "loyalty" discount, if applicable, that you receive through your current company. If you pay for several insurance products through your current auto insurer, you might receive a "bundled" discount on your premium. When you switch carriers, consider switching all of your insurance needs to the new insurer to take advantage of the same type of bundled offer.

Lastly, if your current insurer tries to stop paying on an approved claim, you would then need to seek council from a lawyer licensed in Pennsylvania. Auto accident and personal injury lawyers do all the hard work involved with this type of scenario so that drivers injured in accidents can focus on rehabilitation and recovery.""

Answered January 25, 2017 by bestrates

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