Can you explain what full coverage auto insurance includes?

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Asked June 3, 2013

1 Answer

Despite the common name, full coverage auto insurance does not cover everything that can go wrong. It is simply the common term" car insurance might include liability protection for other cars and property, full coverage typically includes protection for your own car as well as other benefits.

Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is required throughout the United States, and provides coverage to repair or replace the property that you are found at fault for damaging. Similarly, liability insurance also pays for the medical care of people injured by you in an accident. This type of insurance does not pay for you or your immediate family members in an accident, only for others.

Personal Injury Protection
Personal Injury Protection is not used in all states, but it is designed to get you the medical care you need immediately after an accident, allowing the insurance companies to work out who accepts the claim after the fact. Some states require PIP insurance instead of liability coverage, while others use both together.

Collision Insurance
Collision insurance pays for damages to your own vehicle or other property if you are at fault in an accident. Without collision insurance, you would have to pay for your own repairs out of pocket. It is common for a dealership or finance company to require you to carry collision and comprehensive insurance coverage until the loan is paid off.

Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive insurance covers many of the things not included in collision or liability insurance. For example, burglary, theft and vandalism are all part of your comprehensive coverage, along with such things as window replacement. Think of comprehensive insurance as paying for everything inside the car, or that have no identifiable cause or fault.

Other Insurance Riders
There are other insurance riders that can be added to your full coverage policy. Towing and roadside assistance are two common riders, but you also get a personal property rider if you carry a lot of non-standard equipment, rental car reimbursement, pet coverage, and many others. If you need something that is not in your full coverage plan, ask your insurance broker for what you need.

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Answered June 3, 2013 by Anonymous

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