cant afford family plan at work but can afford indy plan when i qualify. can my son stay on child health plus?

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Asked December 19, 2016

1 Answer

There might be a good chance of it. Here's the deal. This plan has been provided as an option for those who can't afford some of the more well-known health insurance plans. It all depends on your personal income. Seeing as how you can't afford the family plan at work, you might just be good to go.

There are a few stipulations to this though. You have to be a resident of New York. By resident, we mean you have to live in New York regularly. It can't just be one of those deals where you only spend 6 months in New York. Seeing as how you live and work exclusively in New York, you do qualify.

You child must also be under the age of 19. In New York you are still considered a child if you are under this age. You never mentioned your child's age, so we are assuming you fit this profile. If this is true, then you qualify under this second requirement.

You also have to have a gross yearly income of $64,000. It can even be less. It can't be more though. If this is you, then you also qualify under this third requirement. Your son can't be a considered an alien. He also has to be a US citizen. We are assuming you fit this bill too.

One final thing to mention here involves your family plan. Your family plan can't be under the Medicaid umbrella. Lots of families in your situation fall under this umbrella. If you have this sort of coverage already, this will automatically disqualify you.

It's best to speak to representative today about it. Give them a call. Tell them your details. Talk to them about your son and your current situation. Give them the chance to tell you whether or not you qualify.

Answered December 23, 2016 by insdad

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