My daughter is suspect in home items (guns, tv, computers) being stolen.

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Does my homeowners insurance cover these losses since she was a resident at time of loss?

Asked July 18, 2018

1 Answer

Yes, you will most likely be covered.

Basic homeowner's insurance only covers things like fire, lightning, vandalism, hail, and wind damage. Things like personal property, flood, and earthquake require additional coverage. So the first thing you should do is check your policy. If your homeowners insurance does not include personal property than nothing stolen will be covered.

If your homeowner's insurance does have personal property coverage connected to it than you are in luck. Personal property insurance covers things like furniture, electronics, and clothing. Your television and computer definitely fall under the electronics category.

Certain items like money, jewelry, precious stones, silverware, and furs may require additional coverage as well. This is up to the insurance company in question and how they regard certain property. If you have complete coverage of everything then there should be no problem. However, if you have basic personal property coverage the guns may not be covered depending on the insurance company's policy. So this another thing you will have to check.

Finally, in regards to your daughter being the suspect it depends on the circumstances. This is another part of your overall policy and how your insurance company defines things. Many insurance companies cover property no matter if a resident is guilty. Some may contain a stipulation but that depends on the company itself. The only way fraud gets involved is the owner commits the theft, as in the property was stolen on purpose to collect on the coverage. If you are the owner of the guns, computers, and T.V. that was stolen the there is no danger of fraud.

So if you indeed have coverage for your personal property you will probably be fine, regardless of the thief being a resident of your home. You might expect a small investigation by the insurance company just to check everything out, but on the whole you should be okay.

Answered July 18, 2018 by Parker2009

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