Do any auto insurance companies insure high risk drivers?

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Asked May 13, 2013

1 Answer

If you have been designated as a high risk driver, whether because of a DUI, too many points on your license, or whatever reason, getting affordable coverage may take a little thought before you apply. Not all insurance companies offer high risk insurance coverage, but most do, and the rates they will charge will vary by state, insurer, and your own personal information.

Start by getting an auto insurance quote on this website. As you fill in the form, your driving risk will be automatically assessed, and you will be provided with a quote that corresponds to your particular risk assessment. Additionally, the quote you receive will be compared with quotes from leading competitors so that you will get a rough estimate of what the policy is going to cost.

You can also take steps to lower your risk. Of course, maintaining a safe driving record is the best method, but you can also get a discount on your car insurance if you sign up for and complete a driver improvement course. In most states, discounts for safe driving courses are mandatory, and will be applied to your policy for a number of years, ranging from 1 to 5 years.

To keep the cost of insurance affordable in light of your risk assessment, look for other insurance discounts you may qualify. Many occupations, including military, emergency workers and those who work in the educational and research fields are eligible for discounts. You can also receive a discount for driving a car with safety features such as anti-lock brakes or electronic stability control, as well as theft deterrent devices. If you park your car in a garage at night, that will earn you a discount, and if you are married, that helps as well. You can even receive discounts based on how many miles you normally drive in a year, owning a car with 4 doors as opposed to a 2 door coupe, and even whether you are a smoker.

For high risk drivers, driving a car that is paid off can also save you money. That will allow you to drop comprehensive coverage and collision insurance. Each one costs a little more on your premiums, so dropping any coverages you don't need will result in a bigger savings. These things will not erase your high risk driving status, but they will help you cut down on the cost of having car insurance. And after you have remained a safe driver for a year or two, that high risk designation will go away, and the discounts you have will continue to save money on your regular insurance costs.

Answered May 13, 2013 by Anonymous

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