Do I need car insurance with car sharing services like Zip Car?

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Asked July 29, 2015

1 Answer

The responsibility of insuring an automobile falls on the owner of the vehicle, except in the case of a rental vehicle, where the insurance is purchased on a by person, by-vehicle basis. A new trend in automobile use, the Zip Car, can be thought of as a borrowed car for purposes of insurance at pickup time.

Comprehensive insurance, gasoline, and up to 180 miles per day of travel are included in your Zip Car lease. Once you are a member, you can even book and access a Zip Car from you mobile phone, and you'll have a special card that allows you to pick the car up almost anywhere. You do not pay extra for the insurance, it is included in the usage of the vehicle, so all you have to do is get in and drive.

Comprehensive auto insurance covers the car, you and your passengers, and your personal property in the car, as well as any insurance required to meet the requirements of the state where the car is being used. If you get into an accident, the insurance automatically covers you, up to the limits of the policy. The car will have an insurance policy associated with it, and should contain an insurance card to be presented to the officer who requests it. Comprehensive coverage will even include a rock thrown up by the vehicle in front of you, causing a splinter or crack in the windshield.

Before you become a Zip Car member, the company will check your driving history, credit score, and other factors connected to you use f the vehicle. Once you have been accepted as a member, you will be able to access Zip Cars according to the terms of your contract. Since the company has already approved you to operate the vehicle, the insurance policy for the car is extended to you, just as though you had borrowed the car from a friend.

Answered August 3, 2015 by Anonymous

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