Do I need a special type of home insurance because I have a pit bull?

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Asked February 10, 2014

1 Answer

Insurance coverages vary from one state to the next and one insurer to another. In some locations, pit bulls are prohibited by law as a dangerous breed, while the animals are well-accepted in others. It will almost certainly cost you more to insure a home with a pit bull, or any large pet. Instead of buying home insurance for your dog, it may be economical to purchase pet insurance that is tailored specifically for the risks related to pets.

It is true that owning a pit bull could cause your insurance to increase. This would be true of any other breed, as well, if you keep the dog in the house or it runs loose on your property. For insurance companies, a loose dog is a potential liability threat, while many indoor pets are potential personal property threats. To overcome the added risk of claims, insurance companies routinely increase the base premiums of pet owners. Even an aquarium, for example, has the potential to cause extensive water damage to the home.

Contact the local humane society. Tell them that you are considering adopting a pit bull and ask them for any information they have regarding the animals and home insurance. Similarly, contact one or more local insurance brokers and make the same inquiry. The reason you should ask an insurance broker is because they are authorized to sell insurance for multiple companies, and are more likely to have the information you need on hand.

Home insurance is for your house, not for your pet. Most home policies will cover incidental pet-related claims, but your best protection would come from a pet insurance policy. Such policies are written to expressly address the risks of pets, from liability claims related to bites or scratches to personal property coverage to protect your sofa, blinds, or floors. Not all insurance companies will underwrite a pit bull, but you will have more success getting coverage with a pet insurance policy than by adding the dog to your home coverage.

Answered February 10, 2014 by Anonymous

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