Does a home insurance policy cover a flood?

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Asked August 23, 2010

1 Answer

Home insurance covers some types of water damage, but it does not cover flood damage. In some cases, flood coverage may be written into your policy as a rider, but it is more commonly sold as a separate package. It is important to you, the property owner, to understand what types of damage are covered by flood insurance, and which ones are covered by your homeowner's policy.

The difference between flood damage and other water damage can be easily explained this way: Flood damage is when rising waters come into your home from the ground, and water damage is when water damages the home before it reaches the ground. Hurricanes, heavy rains, and burst water mains might cause flood damage, and would not be covered under homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance, however, would cover damage caused by rain coming into your home due to a window broken by hail or blowing debris. If a water pipe in your ceiling burst, the damage would be caused by your homeowners insurance, even if the result is a flooded home.

Finally, home insurance may cover damages that are related to flooding. For instance if your home is looted or vandalized while you have evacuated due to flooding, the damage or theft would be covered under you home insurance policy. The flooded home wouldn't be covered, but at least you would not suffer a total loss of coverage.

Answered August 23, 2010 by Anonymous

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