Does AARP offer group health insurance in Illinois

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Asked July 17, 2018

1 Answer

Yes it does. AARP offers a variety of plans nationwide. The only thing that differs from state to state is the number of varying plans offered. This number actually changes by county with some areas having more choices than others. So although a particular plan may not be available to you depending on location, you will at least have the benefit of some options.

The three general plans that are available are a Medicare Advantage Plan, a Medicare Supplement Plan, and a Medicare Prescription drug plan. Some counties may lack one of these three plans options, or only have one specific plan featuring his options. For instance, McHenry County has 17 total plans available but only 3 are Medicare Advantage. Lake County has 16 and only 2 of them are Medicare Advantage.

The difference in plans also means a difference in coverage. The best thing to do is go onto the AARP site and research what is available in your specific county. This is done by simply entering your zip code. The first thing you see on the site is a bar inviting you to enter your zip code. Once entered it will show the plans available. From there you can research each plan by hitting the view plan tab underneath each section.

The plans will differ in price as well as coverage. Some areas may force you to pay a certain amount for the desired plan depending if it is the only one available. Some counties like Randolph County lack one of the three primary plans. Randolph does not Medicare Advantage plans though other counties do.

Primarily this has to do with the hospitals present, the population, and other small mitigating facts. Despite the lack of plans from county to county, each county has at least two of the three available.

Answered July 20, 2018 by PageIns

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