Does Wellpoint still sell health insurance?

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Asked August 4, 2015

1 Answer

WellPoint Inc., a healthcare benefits provider, currently continues to do business as Anthem, Inc. across the United States. Anthem is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield association and offers a variety of integrated healthcare services and overall health insurance is still one of its primary products along with benefits related to vision, dental, disability, behavioral health, long-term care and life. Although Anthem is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, it also provides Americans with benefit options in California, Nevada, Colorado, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, Virginia, New York, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Specialty plan options exist in several other states, but you must contact an Anthem representative about these plans.

The company has a strong historical reputation: In 1996, Blue Cross of California, which started offering healthcare-related services in 1937, chose WellPoint Health Networks, Inc. as its parent company after making WellPoint its managed care division three years earlier in 1993. In 2004, WellPoint and Anthem, Inc. merged to create one company under the Wellpoint, Inc. name. Although WellPoint became the largest insurance provider in the nation, the corporate name of the company was eventually changed to Anthem, Inc. in 2014. Anthem serves approximately 38 million people with its direct insurance and benefits plans. It also serves approximately 71 million people through its affiliates.

Anthem isn't accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but the BBB has rated it with an "F" grade because of a number of factors, such as its failure to respond to 13 out of 38 complaints. Of those complaints, 28 complaints were because of a product or service issue, one complaint was about a delivery, one complaint was about a guarantee/warranty problem and three complaints were about billing/collections. Anthem has also received a “1-star” rating through Consumer Affairs, but the rating was only based on 99 customer ratings given out of only 226 reviews. Common complaints from both websites were about communication issues between the company and its members or doctors, customer service, automatic plan switching after old plan discontinuation, coverage and claims, and a massive data breach of eighty million accounts that happened earlier this year.

On the positive side, many of Anthem's plans are affordable and Anthem's customer service representatives make it easy to add different types of insurance to plans. Anthem also provides members with many convenient online tools to help them quickly deal with their insurance concerns, including a user-friendly website design, live chat, online doctor support through LiveHealth Online, local urgent care directions and a mobile app. It is also offering its members free credit repair and ID protection because of the data breach.

Answered August 6, 2015 by truss

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