How can my non-driver father’s car be fully insured to the satisfaction of the bank, when I am the primary driver?

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My 89 year old father financed a car earlier this year, but now has been declined insurance renewal because his driver’s license has expired and will not be renewed. I am the primary/ sole driver of the vehicle, but it needs to be fully insured to the satisfaction of the bank that finances the loan. How can the car be fully insured as required, with the owner” being a non-driver?””

Asked October 17, 2017

1 Answer

This is a great question, especially since you live in California where there are so many drivers who may not necessarily own a car. The State of California actually offers auto insurance that is tailored to your exact need in this situation. It is known as SR22 Insurance.

Essentially, this insurance covers the other driver if you are the cause of the accident. It typically consists of bodily injury and property damage coverage for the other driver. However, it is best to ask your insurance agent what the minimum amounts to carry should be as the legally required amount is probably not enough to avoid a lawsuit in the event of an accident.

Make sure to shop around with all of the different companies that offer this type of insurance in California, as the cost of policies can vary widely from company to company. Good luck in your quest for insurance and glad to hear you are being a responsible driver!

Answered October 18, 2017 by Insurity

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