If I enlish within the military, will I have insurance for the rest of my life?

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Asked August 19, 2013

1 Answer

The military does offer a broad assortment of benefits to those who do not stay in for life, but free medical insurance is not one of them. Depending on the circumstances, some military members are entitled to lifetime health benefits, but there are requirements which must be met. For the majority of people who serve in the military, however, their Tricare coverage ends along with their enlistment. Unless you treatment is related to you term of service, you coverage ends shortly after you enlistment

Tricare coverage can be extended only 60 days beyond you enlistment. You will be responsible for replacing your health care within that period of time. To do that, start on a website like this one, where you can get free insurance quotes as well as get the quotes compared against multiple insurance companies to help you find the best price.

The single exception for military members are veterans. Veterans are entitled free health care, provided through the Veterans Administration. Even then, they must use military and VA doctors, sometimes traveling for long distances for something as simple as a checkup. To make receiving treatment easier, the VA does provide transportation options for those who do not drive or have low incomes that prohibit long trips.

Non-veterans receive free medical care for life for permanent conditions which begin during their enlistment. The medical care will be for that preexisting condition alone, not for general health care. In order for anything new to be covered, it has to be directly related to the preexisting condition or to the treatment you received for it.

Military retirees are eligible to use Tricare Prime for life, but it is not completely free. There is an annual fee for the coverage as well as deductibles and copays for certain treatments. It should be noted that the costs a retiree pays for health care is still much lower than the civilian rate for a comparable health plan.

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Answered August 19, 2013 by Anonymous

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