If a co. fails to pay the full benefit to a beneficiary saying another exists, can they be to identfy them?

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My mom took out a small life policy 20 years ago naming me as the sole beneficiary. When she died last month, I filed a claim for the death benefits. I received a check from the insurance company for about half the death benefit. There was a statement on the check that this was the balance of the proceeds has been distributed among any other beneficiaries”. To my knowledge my mother never changed or added beneficiaries to this policy. Can the insurance company be compelled to identify others who may have filed claims against this policy? I want to make sure they’re not ripping me off.””

Asked September 20, 2017

1 Answer

When a person dies there is a lot of financial information that needs to be sorted through in order to complete everything and tie up all of the loose ends. In the case of life insurance there is usually a set amount that will be paid out to beneficiaries either in one lump sum or in payments.

When a person dies usually an attorney will read the will and the beneficiaries that are listed. When life insurance needs to be paid out, this information is a bit more sensitive. In the case that you as a beneficiary will receive payment but have been told that there are other beneficiaries listed that you will need to split the money with, you are not necessarily going to be told that information straight up. If you would like to contest to find out if there are indeed other beneficiaries, you can take legal action and opt to find out through an attorney.

This is an unfortunate situation to have to go through, especially if a loved one has just died. However, if you would like to make sure your loved one's insurance company is indeed following protocol and not trying to rip you off, then there are attorneys who can assist you. Finding out the information that you need can be done though it needs to be sought out in the proper manner. Personal information is sensitive and cannot always be handed out by just asking. There are privacy standards that are set for these life insurance companies and they must comply with their client's wishes. Though in the instance of a beneficiary needing more information, this can be done as well.

Answered September 21, 2017 by ronanona

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