Can I find affordable health insurance while being self employed?

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Asked May 13, 2013

1 Answer

If you are trying to find an affordable private health care plan, you may be fighting an uphill battle. Additionally, private health insurance has a tendency to have a stricter application process, and you may find it difficult to get a good plan if you have sort of health issues, are a smoker or drinker, or if you partake in potentially risky sports. It will usually be more affordable to find a group plan that is available to you and use that as your insurance provider.

Group health insurance is available for people who are self-employed through the organizations they belong to. If you are a member of AAA, AARP, or even the Sam's Club, you probably have access to low cost health insurance. These companies do not sell health insurance directly, but work closely with partner companies to identify the needs of members and provide affordable solutions.

You can also take steps towards lowering your health insurance costs by taking better care of yourself. Quit smoking, cut back on drinking, and give bungee-jumping a break for a few years. The more risks you take with your health and life, the more getting insurance is going to cost you. Reduce the risk, and the prices go down. For example, a smoker may pay as much as 25% more for the same health insurance as a non-smoker. You'll have to be tobacco-free for at least a year, but the savings is worth giving up the habit.

You can also look for affordable group health insurance rates on this website. Fill out a health insurance quote form, using the easy and confidential form provided, and you will be presented with a quoted estimate of what your costs would be. Keep in mind that the actual price may vary after your medical exam, but use this as a way to get an estimate of costs and possibly even find the company that is right for your needs and budget.

If you have pre-existing health concerns, take heart. By the end of 2013, health insurance companies will not be allowed to deny coverage based on preexisting conditions. This is one of the most applauded aspects of the ACA, known as Obamacare, and it is set to go into effect no later than January first of 2014. Many insurance companies have already made the changes, and the one you select could be one of them.

Answered May 13, 2013 by Anonymous

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