Can my friend claim me as a dependent on his insurance, but not cover me because I have my own coverage?

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Asked April 18, 2016

1 Answer

While your friend may have his or her own insurance policy, the first question is what do you mean by a dependent." If you are thinking of dependents from a tax point of view then you can receive a lower tax rate. That being said, dependents in insurance don't work the same way.

If your friend "claims" you as a dependent, then they are essentially covering you. This is only because of the way that insurance works. The rates for health insurance are simply the rates and they don't change based upon the number of people in your family, nor do they change as a result of how many dependents you may or may not have.

Theoretically if you are to try and add an additional individual to an insurance policy, then the second that the individual being added is "claimed," insurance costs will go up (if it is even allowed). This is because the second someone is claimed as a dependent, they are given coverage, and that means coverage has to be paid for as of that date.

Another question would be why is coverage desired in the first place? If you think about health insurance, you are paying money for coverage. The question in this case is why would you want to have "coverage" from your friend, if you don't actually need coverage in the first place? You would essentially be paying more money to be listed as a dependent on your friends plan and then you wouldn't receive the benefits as a result.

Unless this is for some specific tax related plan, the question is not only whether or not you can do this but rather it is whether or not you would even want to do this. Check into your potential options because it is always good to shop around for rates. For now, however, rethink what you are doing with this plan.""

Answered April 20, 2016 by HomeService

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