If I have deer accident on the day my insurance is canceled is it still covered?

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Asked January 15, 2019

1 Answer

That is a good question. The short answer is No. Insurance companies will usually cancel your policy for two reasons: A: You did not make the payments on time or failed to make any payments at all. B: You decided not to renew your policy once it reached its expiration date.

Now, your insurance company does have to send you notification as to what happened and why. They have to give you a good explanation as to why your policy has ended, including too many accidents. Most insurance companies in Michigan, or anywhere else for that matter, do not cover people who they feel are a risk. That is a possibility you might need to face.

Now, onto your next question about the accident. You probably will not get much help from your former insurance company if they canceled you out. You could try to renew with them, but your premiums are going to be bigger, especially because of the accident. You could also try to find other options. Talk to other insurance companies in Michigan.

The big downside is that you are going to be responsible for the damages to your car, even if the fault does not lie with you. The other downside is that you will need to tell the insurance companies you talk to about the accident. That could mean a much larger rate for the time being.

I suggest calling your current insurance company and talk to them. Tell them you just had an accident. They might be willing to work with you. They might be willing to renew you for a short period of time. It all depends on why they dropped you in the first place. That might include having your rates increased, but at least you would have coverage for a period of time until you can find another option.

Answered January 18, 2019 by JohnBoy

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