Do I have to get insurance if I’m only on the note and not on title and I dont drive the vehicle?

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i have no issue with the financial responders don’t want to get the insurance with my son

Asked July 18, 2018

1 Answer

No you do not. Insurance is only required of the person actually driving the car. There is such a thing as non-owner car insurance that covers drivers who drive cars they do not own, but if your particular case this does not apply. Unless you are going to be regularly driving the vehicle your fine. Non-auto is for regular consistent use. You are on the note for the purchased vehicle but not actually the title. This means that technically the car does noe belong to you, although you do have a financial stake in the automobile.

When it comes to automobiles it is all about the paperwork. Regardless of who makes payments, provides financing, even pays the insurance, none of that matters if your name is not on the title. If you son is the sole name on the title than he is the owner, which means he has to provide insurance for the vehicle. You are exempt as you are only on the note. This may differ form state to state, as some have peculiar regulations regarding automobiles, but nothing I have seen says Maryland carries any special circumstances.

If your name is on the note than you are only liable for the financing of the car. So if the car was bought through a dealership or the loan acquired from the bank you are accountable there. But that is the only place wherein you would be accountable for anything.

Answered July 20, 2018 by SaulGood

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