I have a large dog for home protection. How can I find an insurance company that will give me coverage?

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Asked September 23, 2015

1 Answer

The question of whether you can get home insurance with a dog varies by state, issuing insurance company, and even the breed of dog you own. Additionally, the same insurance company may regard having a dog to guard the home in a rural area completely differently than having one in your tightly-built subdivision.

Another issue with living in a subdivision may be the rules of the Homeowners Association. In some areas, dogs are considered dangerous, and others think of them as potential pests, unnecessary noises, and more. Your HOA could require you to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage for a guard dog. Should that happen, it may be a lot more cost effective to purchase an umbrella liability policy if the basic home policy already includes some protection.

In some states, certain dogs are considered dangerous breeds. Not only can you be denied home insurance, it may be illegal to own the breed of dog. You can contact your state's Department of Insurance and ask them if there is a statewide dangerous dog or pet law in your location.

To find a homeowners policy which provides coverage for your dogs, start on this website. As an independent agent, the site can provide you with the lowest price from their list of affiliate insurers along with comparison quotes from competing insurers. This is an improvement over shopping with a single insurance company because it can provide you with more options, better price ranges, or a higher degree of service. Be sure to check the financial ratings of your favorite insurance companies, and confine your investments to companies with the highest possible financial ratings with companies such as the A.M. Best Company. Independent agents try to offer only the highest caliber policies, but financial ratings change and it is always a good idea to verify their ratings before buying a policy.

Answered September 28, 2015 by Anonymous

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