Will my homeowners insurance rates decrease if I install a home security system?

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Asked June 9, 2014

1 Answer

There are quite a few ways to reduce the cost of home insurance, and several of those include making the home more secure against accidents and intruders. It is true that a home security system will reduce your premiums, and looking for other discounts can save you even more.

The best home security discount is provided to those who have a monitored home security system installed. The system is monitored at a remote location 24 hours a day and protects the home against burglary, fire and other hazards. You can increase the home security discount by adding burglar bars and deadbolts to make entry more difficult, or a gated fence around the property to serve as a barrier to unwanted visitors.

You home insurance rates will also depend on things like the location of the home, and how old it is. Older homes have more potential for damages, and living in an area with a high crime has other risks, both of which affect your premiums. Obviously, a security system in a high crime rate is still going to be a benefit, even though the actual savings may be lower.

Another way to save money on your home insurance is to use the same company for multiple policies. This could include a primary home and vacation homes, property rentals, automobile insurance and more. The more policies you purchase through a single company, the more they can reduce your overall premiums. The primary advantage of this method is that your savings are distributed across more than one policy.

You may simply decide that it is time to shop around for lower rates. You can get a free online home insurance quote, even quotes for renters or condo owners, and have that quote compared with other leading insurance providers. This will help you find out exactly what a security system will save as well assist in finding any other discounts you may have missed.

Answered June 9, 2014 by Anonymous

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