Does homeowners liability insurance protect me against damage caused by termites, beetles or other bugs?

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Asked March 5, 2015

1 Answer

Many people believe that their duty as a policy owner is simply to pay the premiums on time. The truth is that your policy will also hold you liable for certain things, such as maintenance and upkeep, and failing to meet the specifics of the contract could result in claims that are denied or even a complete cancellation of your homeowner’s policy.

One of the conditions that are normally placed on the homeowner is with respect to proper maintenance of the home. This includes keeping the roof free of debris, removing dead trees and limbs that could threaten the home, and keeping the home free of pest infestations. If you do not take care of these exclusions, not only would your claim for repairs be denied, but the insurance company may issue a warning that you have to correct the problem or face losing your coverage.

Termites, fleas, and other insects are the responsibility of the homeowner. Some insurance companies will require you to have the home inspected before they issue a policy, and if evidence of an infestation is found you will have to correct the situation before the policy will be underwritten. That way, if you later file a claim for damages related to an infestation, the insurance company can show that the home was free of bugs at the time it was insured and therefore not the responsibility of the insurance company.

Homeowners insurance is not a blanket protection against anything that goes wrong with the home. The policy is written to protect against specific perils, and claims that fall outside of those perils, except in certain cases, will be denied. As the homeowner, your responsibility is to take care to prevent uncovered events from damaging the home, including getting rid of ants, beetles, or other insect populations that have taken up residence in your home.

Answered March 11, 2015 by Anonymous

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