How can I get cheap car insurance in New York?

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Asked November 5, 2012

1 Answer

Cheap car insurance begins with you and your car. Instead of insuring a car with a loan, consider driving an older car you can pay for. The relieves you of the obligation to carry comprehensive coverage and GAP insurance, reducing your insurance costs before you have even started shopping for a good company to purchase from in New York. Keeping a high credit score and a clean driver record will also be key to get the best savings.

Family, friends, and people you work with are a common source for information about how well or poorly insurance companies perform. Most of us know at least one person who has had to file a car insurance claim, and you can judge by how other people were treated what you could expect for yourself. This is not your sole way to find an insurance company, but it will help you narrow down the options. There are many companies licensed to sell car insurance in New York, so you first step is to reduce the number of companies you have to choose from.

Use a free online quote site. Sites like ours not only let you tailor the policy to match what you have to insure, they will then give you quotes from several leading competitors. That means you can see what different companies charge for the same coverage, narrowing the list a little more. Be sure to check the financial ratings of your chosen insurance companies with a financial ratings company like the A.M. Best Company, to be sure that a company which looks good today is going to be there for you tomorrow.

If you already have insurance policies with an insurer, getting your car insurance from the same company can earn you even more savings. Because the odds are against having to pay two claims on the same person, insurance companies will give you discounts for taking out multiple policies, even if they are for different lines of insurance.

Answered November 5, 2012 by Anonymous

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