How can I get health insurance coverage?

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Asked October 9, 2012

1 Answer

Health insurance is easier to get today than it has ever been, and it will become even easier between now and 2020, when the final aspects of the Affordable Care Act, called the ACA, go into effect. Many health insurance companies are already accepting people with preexisting conditions, an ACA mandate that does not officially go into effect until January, 2014. The ACA has already made affordable health insurance an option for millions of Americans who have been traditionally denied coverage, and access is only going to improve over the next several years.

If you are having trouble finding health coverage, try contacting your state's Department of Insurance. Explain what your difficulty is, and ask about ways to find affordable coverage. Under the ACA, states will have health insurance exchanges set up in the next 2 years that allow you to comparison shop for coverage. In those states which have opted out of the health insurance exchange program, the federal government will make exchanges available, giving health insurance options to many people who did not have such options before, including live-at-home children under the age of 26, those with preexisting conditions and same sex couples.

If you do not fall into one of the groups that have been traditionally denied coverage, your search should still begin with your state's department of insurance and its health insurance exchange. If such an exchange is not yet available and your employer does not offer group health insurance yet, try checking with organizations or clubs you are a member of, such as Sam's Club, AAA and the AARP. Many organizations make health insurance available to members under group coverage, giving their members a tremendous savings over purchasing individual coverage.

Your current options may be limited, but take heart in the fact that the ACA's mandates are a gradual process, and will not be fully implemented until the year 2020. By that time, health insurance will be readily available for most Americans through their employer or other group healthcare plans. In the meantime, the Department of Insurance may be your best option for finding good, affordable health coverage.

Answered October 9, 2012 by Anonymous

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