How did she find my insurance information?

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That lady filed claim with my insurance company even though her car does not have any damage and any dent after a minor accident. She pictured my license plate. And of course it was not my fault 100%, so i did not give her my insurance information. However, somehow she knew what agent I am insured with and filed a claim. I just wonder how did she get all of my insurance information. Some said she got from police department, but how come polices gave out someone’s privacy information without double check. It is very dangerous though!”

Asked August 15, 2017

1 Answer

Insurance information following a car accident is relatively easy to get if a there is a police report. Police officers will respond and do an investigation when called regarding a vehicle accident. Even though you may not have given your specific insurance information to the other driver, it was noted in the police report. A police report will include several bits of information, such as:

  • Approximate date and time of the accident, as well as the location
  • Specific information of all parties involved (including witnesses) which includes their names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance information
  • Damage and location of damage on both vehicles
  • Conditions at the scene – Were the roads wet? Was it dark? Is it a curvy road or crowded parking lot?
  • And a diagram of the accident

Though most accident reports are not “public”, you can purchase a copy of the police report from the municipality that conducted the report, usually online. From there, if a person has your name, insurance company name and policy number, it is not very difficult to call the 800 number for that company and get to the person they need to file a claim. Understand, even though there was no damage to either vehicle, that person could try to file a medical claim later should you have some limited medical coverage on your plan. It is not uncommon for you to feel okay at the scene, but later in the evening or the next day, feel the effects of whiplash or some other injury.

Remember, police reports are just that – a report. The officer voices his or her opinion as to what happened and who is at fault, based on what they see and the information that is gathered. However, insurance companies will do their own investigation, also, even though they have a copy of the police report.

Answered August 18, 2017 by CarInsuranceCowboy

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