How Can I Get The Best Health Insurance As A Full Time Musician with a Child?

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Asked December 20, 2011

1 Answer

Most musicians do not have health insurance available through their employment, even musicians who work for a regular employer. What this means is that you are most likely going to have to purchase individual coverage, or possibly try to qualify for government sponsored coverage through Medicaid. However, if you belong to civic or private organizations, you may be able to get group coverage through those memberships, giving you lower premiums and more complete coverage without the high cost of private insurance.

The two biggest drawbacks with private, or individual, insurance are that the premiums will cost more than group coverage, and private coverage often has a lot more limitations on who can get the coverage. You might qualify for the insurance, but be faced with exclusions on the coverage, or have preexisting conditions that the insurance company will not cover at all.

Government sponsored health care is only available to those with low wages or medical conditions that prevent them from getting private or group coverage. If you make more than minimum wage, you may not qualify for coverage, even if you only make that extra money on rare occasions.

Civic groups, clubs and organizations, including such things as AAA and AARP sometimes offer group health insurance rates to their members. This would allow you to get the savings of a group coverage as well as the across the board acceptance that is not available through private insurers. If you are a member of a club such as Sam's Club, contact the customer service department and ask whether they provide group health coverage in your area. Many do, and at much lower premiums than you would have to pay if you purchased the coverage privately.

Answered December 20, 2011 by Anonymous

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