How much life insurance coverage can I buy without having a medical exam?

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Asked July 9, 2015

1 Answer

Medical exams are more common today than they were in the past, and most types of coverage will require at least a minimal medical exam. Only Final Expense life insurance is still available without a medical exam, but this type of policy is very restricted in what it can do for you.

A few years ago, you could purchase a term or permanent life insurance policy without a medical exam as long as the face value was $100,000 or less. Since a $100K life insurance policy is relatively small, insurance companies were willing to accept the risk, provided you were within certain guidelines, such as being in good overall health. Since the risks associated with diseases such as HIV and cancer are higher today, medical exams have become common for all traditional life insurance.

The medical exam may vary quite a bit. For a term life policy, the total exam may consist of a saliva sample, a cheek swab, EKG, or some other simple test. For a universal life policy, you can realistically expect to undergo a full examination, including a physical, blood tests, and more.

If you have an active family medical history or some sort of preexisting condition, a medical exam is almost always going to be extensive. Because insuring you is already a statistically higher risk, the insurance company will be willing to check you out a little more closely. Conversely, if you are in perfect overall health, your required exam may be minimal in nature.

Aside from reducing costs on lower valued policies, there is no rule of thumb to determine what your medical exam will be, but you are always free to ask a potential insurance company for the details of the medical exam and doing so will not arouse suspicion.

Answered July 12, 2015 by Anonymous

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