need insurance but don’t have my license?

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Asked August 15, 2017

1 Answer

Unfortunately, you have little to no options. Most people obtain a driver's license because they want to drive. In order to get insurance, you have to get your driver's license first. It is against the law.

When you go through the insurance policy it is mandatory and standard to verify your information. This includes your license. Most insurance companies are going to tell you no.

There are sites that do offer ways to get insurance for little to no money without having a license, but there is a downside. You may be able to get one this way. The only problem is you will not be able to drive.

Driving uninsured offers some steep penalties in Maryland. Your registration can and will be suspended for any number of days. Your fines could be as little as $150 to as much $2500. Some go even higher.

It is not worth it to get any kind of insurance without a state issued driver's license. You can contact an insurance company to see what they say. They may be able to give you some sort of alternative route. It is very unlikely though.

Answered August 18, 2017 by SaulGood

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