can a premium be accidentally applied to a second noninsured property?

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Asked August 20, 2018

1 Answer

When you pay your insurance premium, it should only be applied to the policy you are making a payment on. There should be no way for a premium to be accidentally applied to a second non-insured property in Missouri.

However, mistakes do happen. If you've ever requested an insurance quote, you may have been surprised to know that the insurance company knows everything about your car and home after you only entered your name and zip code. They get this information from various public records databases.

In some cases, the insurance company may know that you have a second property even if you have no insurance on it or if they aren't the ones insuring it. A paperwork or computer error could lead to them applying your premium to that property instead of the property that you're actually paying for.

The good news is that this premium would still count as an on-time payment on the correct policy. The error was the insurance company's not yours. If you get a late payment notice or some other notification, you simply need to alert them to their error, and they will correct the billing.

To do this, you'll need to keep all of your insurance policy documents, payment receipts, and bank statements. Since the insurance company doesn't have their paperwork right, you'll have to prove that you paid with your own. This involves a little extra work on your part, but it ensures that you won't have your policy canceled or a claim denied because your payment was applied to the wrong property.

Answered August 23, 2018 by HelloSure

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