Am I required to provide auto insurance information for another adult living in my home to my car insurance company?

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My auto insurance company is demanding that I supply proof of coverage for my adult brother, who resides with me. He owns and operates a separate vehicle which is properly insured with a different insurer. Their explanation is that any adult living in the home must provide adequate proof of coverage to them regardless of whom my brother is insured by. How does his legal ownership and coverage of an entirely different vehicle even impact me? Neither of us drives the other’s car.”

Asked August 1, 2017

1 Answer

Ohio requires all owners of any automobile vehicle to have liability insurance for their vehicles. Ohio follows a tort system which means that any person who is at fault for an accident is required to indemnify or compensate those parties who have suffered as a result of the accident. This gives any person who is wronged in an automobile accident the right to sue for damages through filing an automobile accident claim with the at fault owner's insurance provider. They can also sue a vehicle owner directly if their vehicle is found to have been involved in an at-fault accident.

Your insurance company is requiring this documentation to ensure that their risks are properly evaluated. The insurer will assume that anyone living in your household will have access to your vehicles with or without your permission. They will also assume that you have access to someone's vehicle that resides with you with or without their permission. If for any reason you will ever have to utilize your brother's vehicle, they want to be sure that he has automobile coverage on that vehicle to possibly deny any future claims against your insurance policy with them concerning that vehicle.

Your insurance company's role is to protect you and your assets from a legal procedure. It's likely that you have excluded your brother as a driver on your policy. If this is the case, then your insurer is ensuring that your risks of legal responsibility are being fully evaluated and covered in case a situation arises where your brother drives your car and causes an accident.

Answered August 3, 2017 by RedTicker

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