When I submit a homeowners claim, what information should I provide to the agent I speak to?

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Asked April 22, 2013

1 Answer

When you initiate a home insurance claim, you are going to have to provide the insurance agency representative with some information to get the claim settled as quickly as possible. You'll need to have your insurance policy handy, along with any receipts you have gathered as a result of the claim you are trying to file. If you are meeting with the representative at your home, pictures of the damages will not be necessary, but if you are meeting with her at another location, having pictures to illustrate the extent of the damage will help you get the ball rolling.

The insurance company will need to have the policy number for your home insurance policy. This is the unique number given to each policy to make it easier to index or look up. When you provide this information to the company representative, it will give her enough information about your policy to begin the claims process.

If you had to make emergency repairs to prevent additional damage, the company representative will need those receipts and any information you have regarding them. In general, make notations about the receipt on back of the paper for easy reference. Similarly, if you are forced to stay in a temporary dwelling, eat your meals at restaurants, or perform any other regular duties away from home, save the receipts for those activities so that they can be included in the claim process as a "loss of use" claim.

If you do not have all of the necessary information available right away, the company representative can tell you what information you need to collect and how to get into the right hands at your insurance company. This information might include repair estimates, additional receipts, or some other information. The agent will be able to tell you the required information is to be used for and may be able to advise you of how to get any paperwork together that you do not already have.

Answered April 22, 2013 by Anonymous

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