Why is it that even though women cause more accidents, men pay more for car insurance?

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Asked May 7, 2013

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The first thing that needs to be explained here is that women are not worse drivers than men. The misconception that they are springs from a time when a car was big, clumsy machine that was sometimes difficult to control. For example, men tend to be stronger than women, and in the days when there was no power steering, turning a sharp corner was often difficult for a man and nearly impossible for a woman.

The one concession to the idea that women cause more accidents than men is that women do tend to be distracted more easily. Perhaps she is putting on her mascara at a red light, or sending a text message while stuck in traffic. But even this admission is not accurate, because a man is just as likely to be shaving, reading the morning paper, or replying to the texted message his wife just sent.

In actuality, women are statistically much less dangerous on the roadways. They are not as likely to partake in risky behavior such as racing, they are more likely to slow down and stop for a yellow light, they receive fewer DUIs, and they are also more likely to use the safety equipment that came with the car. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, men fall behind women on all of these counts, as indicated by actual motor vehicle accident reports.

One reason that women are thought to be more safety conscious in a car is because they are mentally geared towards protecting themselves and their children. Women slow down when they have children in the car. They take fewer chances, and put more thought into what is happening around them. By contrast, men are a reckless lot, speeding along without a care in the world except the tunes on the radio, what they are having for dinner, or how they are going to pass the weekend with their friends. Safety is not as important to most men, and they sometimes even pride themselves on taking that extra little risk. And since risk is what insurance companies base your premiums on, men cause their own rates to be higher than women.

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Answered May 7, 2013 by Anonymous

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