Is there a reason why life insurance rates have been decreasing in recent years?

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Asked July 29, 2013

1 Answer

There are several reasons why the life insurance premium quotes have been falling. As the risks of insuring people have gone down, the premiums charged for coverage have dropped as well. Additionally, the current economy has strained budgets to the limit where many people are forced into searching for lower rates or having to go without protection at all.

The average lifespan has been on the rise. As the medical field gains new treatments and techniques, people are living much longer than they did a few decades ago. Because life insurance is based on an estimated lifespan, living longer equates to having more time to pay into a policy, and that results in lower costs.

In addition to living longer, people are also living healthier. As more and more people take an interest in the healthiness of the foods they eat and exercise more, they are reducing the perceived risks associated with getting life insurance. Living healthier contributes to living longer as well as having fewer medical problems while living.

Life insurance companies are writing stricter rules for underwriting acceptance. By narrowing the acceptable risks they are willing write policies for, insurance companies are discovering that they can greatly reduce the costs and risks. Where you could buy most types of life insurance without a medical exam not long ago, only the most basic of policies can be purchased without one today.

Finally, the Internet itself is playing a part in bringing down the cost of life insurance. By reducing the overhead associated with writing and maintaining policies, insurance companies are spending less money to reach more people. This savings, while it is not directly related to people's health and longevity, is still a savings that can be passed on to new customers.

Answered July 29, 2013 by Anonymous

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