Are there any specific life insurance companies that are more willing to cover an obese person?

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Asked September 9, 2015

1 Answer

There is no particular company which may be more accepting of an obese person, because the condition of obesity has a great deal of impact on your expected longevity and continued health. Depending on how obese the person may be, your choices may be limited to high risk insurers, but you might do well to try using a brokerage or independent agent first.

Depending on your other personal demographics, such as your current state of health, age, and occupation, you may not be able to buy a life insurance policy from a traditional insurance company. In that case, you will have to find a high risk insurer in your state. To do that, contact your state's Department of Insurance and ask them how to find a local high risk life insurance company.

An independent agent or broker, including this website, works with many different insurance companies to provide the best options for their customers. Instead of providing policies underwritten by a single insurer, an independent agent is able to provide many different policies, each one underwritten by a different insurance company. This not only increases the chances of finding a traditional insurance which will accept an obese person, it also reduces your premiums by matching your needs with the lowest cost providers. To find out how well an insurance brokerage can do for you, take a few minutes to fill out the form on this website, and then take a look at the comparison quotes you receive.

The reason traditional insurance companies shy away from obese customers are because of the risks associated with being overweight. These dangers include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, and more. Since being obese can make simple actions difficult, the level of obesity is going to be an important consideration used to calculate how long you can be expected to live and what your continued state of health may be.

Answered September 14, 2015 by Anonymous

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