Took my bfs car w/o him knowing and got in accident with expired license Will insurance cover?

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A woman blocked me in when I was dropping off a friend because she thought it was her husband, and when I went to back up and leave she pulled forward at same time and it scraped the back passengers corner of my car and same to hers but then I left bc she was crazy and didn’t want her to attack me”

Asked April 18, 2018

1 Answer

It goes without saying that you should speak with your insurance agent. You and your boyfriend need to speak to the agent for the insurance company that covers your boyfriend's car as well. Every insurance company has different policies. You might have some liability coverage from your insurance company, but the main company to handle the claim should be your boyfriend's insurer.

Your specific example suggests the possibility that an insurer will deny your claim for repairs of your boyfriend's car or the car driven by the other driver. It depends on the insurer's policies. That said, you've described a hit and run scenario that involves a driver with an expired license who drove another person's vehicle without permission. Although many insurers approve claims for drivers who have expired licenses since sometimes people naturally forget to renew on time, there are legal complications involved with this case because of each of the negative details you outlined in your statement. It doesn't matter that the cars were only scraped slightly or that you were frightened that the other driver was about to attack and you ran away in a panic. Unless you contacted the police immediately afterward to inform them of the event, you left the scene of a vehicular accident seemingly without caring about the health and well-being of the other driver. You were also driving without a valid license. From an insurance standpoint, these are examples of high risk driving behaviors. From a legal standpoint, you committed a crime.

In addition to speaking with the insurance companies, you should speak with an experienced criminal defense hit-and-run accident attorney. In Maryland, a driver who runs from an accident typically faces a minimum fine of several hundred dollars, jail time and enough points that they lose their license. If the other driver was injured in any way, you might also have to deal with an expensive lawsuit. Worse yet, you definitely face paying a steeper fine of several thousand dollars and potentially a prison sentence of several years.

Answered April 19, 2018 by SaulGood

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