can I be turned down for portability coverage,due to pre-existing conditions?

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Asked August 28, 2017

1 Answer

Previously, switching to a new life coverage plan was never an easy ordeal as your current insurer could scan through your medical history and when he bumps into a record of diabetes, they will consider it a pre-existing condition. Consequently, you could end up missing on the coverage, and you would pay for your subsequent treatment. Such a case can never happen in the current set up due to the enactment of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).

You Stand Protected

Since it was enacted, it serves to cushion clients against cases of health care abuse and fraud incidences. Moreover, the Act limits the tendency of individual life insurance groups to lock out clients' portability life cover by pre-existing conditions. It spells that ‘No group health plan should deter a person from accessing any coverage plan based on one's medical history, physical challenge or any genetic information.' Therefore, turning you away from the portability life insurance policy cannot happen especially with the existence of these limitations.

Chances of Facing Prosecution

Also, the Act also spells applicable penalties and offenses for those abusing the act. It means that the insurers have no option but to abide by these terms, failure to which they are culpable of prosecution. The only standpoint that exists between you and your portability life insurance cover you get a cover is the need to prove to insurers of your medical stability. In short, you need to remit your medical tests in avid for the insurance companies to determine your applicability for coverage. Once you are set, you are bound to get better rates from the coverage since the insurers will also cater for the adversity of any medical condition you encounter. It is also worth noting that turning you away from this coverage is impossible because they also stand to reap from your subscription to any of the portability coverage plans.

Answered September 6, 2017 by insdad

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