Virginia insurance but car had none and i got in an accident

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I am a college student and I got in a minor wreck. I have auto insurance but the car I was driving is not insured by anyone (mom forgot to cover it when she got it from my dad). The car is under my moms name. I assume my insurance wont cover this. If the DMV finds out will i lose my license? Will my mother lose her license?”

Asked October 2, 2018

1 Answer

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles could potentially penalize you because you drove an uninsured car without confirming beforehand whether it had insurance coverage. The level of penalty depends on several factors. That said, your mother likely faces the most penalties. As the owner of the car, she's required to either maintain a minimum level of insurance or pay an Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee that allows drivers to go uninsured as long as they understand the risks. As of 2018, Virginia requires that drivers with insurance carry at least $25,000 in bodily injury/death, $50,000 bodily injury/death for more than one person and $20,000 in property damage coverage. The Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee without insurance is $500. The owner of the vehicle can still receive penalties after paying this fee if the car is in an accident.

Since your mother didn't have insurance coverage, she faces suspension of her registration and license. It doesn't matter if she forgot to get insurance. She will likely receive these penalties. If that happens, she would have to take several steps to restore her driving privileges: She would have to file an SR-22 Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate, issued by an insurer, with the Virginia DMV for no less than three years. She would also have to pay reinstatement and statutory fees. As of 2018, the reinstatement fee is $145 and the statutory fee is $500. The latter is placed in the UMV Fund. A payment plan option does exist.

You don't mention who was at fault in your accident. Although you weren't driving your own car, the accident could impact your insurance premiums as well even if you didn't cause it. You should speak with your agent about your circumstances to determine how your insurer deals with this specific type of situation. Insurers follow certain state rules, but they also have their own policies in regards to accidents caused by drivers and accidents that involve policyholders driving uninsured vehicles.

Answered October 4, 2018 by CenterStone

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